Simplifying aviation for clubs and schools

  • EASA compliant tools
  • Built by aviation professionals
  • Feature rich
  • Built-in PPL lesson plans
  • PPL & ATPL question bank
  • Mobile friendly
  • Fully themeable
  • Powerful asset management


With Wings you can adopt a 'work smart' ethos. Let the software do the heavy lifting for you. Wings has a built in EASA compliant logbook, lesson plans and SMS as well as making document management a breeze. Let us do the hard work, so you don't have to.


Many mandatory manual processes are automated with Wings. Quickly get an overview of your aircraft maintenance status, stay current by getting reminders for your personal and business documents due for renewal. Use your time on what's important - Flying and Looking after your students.


Time is money, and Wings saves you a lot of time in almost all aspects of your operation. On top of that, using Wings is a pleasure, the user experience is designed by pilots and instructors to keep the system intuitive and fun to use. This means you can pass on the advantages of using Wings to your users, and makes your product more attractive to new and existing customers.

Specialised for you

for schools...

This is our fully featured product, tailored for aviation educational organisations.

With built in SMS, EASA compliant courses and comprehensive theory question bank, this product isn't just a system, but also provides a lot of content to get your school up and running quickly.

  • Advanced student management and detailed report cards
  • Remove the need for meticulous paper records
  • Comprehensive PPL & ATPL theory question bank
  • Makes audits and annual reporting a breeze
  • Easy to use and understand booking system
  • Built-in EASA compliant SMS
  • Built-in EASA compliant LAPL, PPL and Night VFR courses
  • Smart asset booking and lesson management tools
  • Completely customisable

for clubs...

Our club package is geared around making life easier for club administrators and members.

With a workflow from creating a booking right the way to paying for it and generating invoices, Wings for clubs makes managing your club easy.

  • Easy to use and understand booking system
  • Simple booking reports give you the overview of a booking all the way through to payment
  • Simple accounting module, excel export and invoice generation
  • Get detailed reports for your aircraft
  • Keep track of your aircrafts maintenance schedule with our aircraft management system
  • Includes powerful logbook and document management for your pilots
  • Flexible pricing model configuration
Feature and package details School Club
Digital Logbook
User Document Management
Aircraft Document Management
Messaging System *
Reminders and Warnings
EASA PPL & ATPL Question Bank
EASA Compliant Courses
Student Progress Tracking
Aircraft Statistics
Booking Reports
Accounting Module
White Label
Mobile Friendly
Price 500 DKK/pm | 5,500 DKK/pa 150 DKK/pm | 1,650 DKK/pa

* Only basic messaging features are included in the club package.
All prices are excluding VAT. No binding.

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What our customers think

Having a simple system like this gives my pilots one less thing to worry about. The statistics also give me great insights into my plane's usage and economy allowing me to make smart decisions.

- Ejner

Plane Owner

Managing a club's accounts can be time consuming, Wings saves me days of manual work each month by automating 95% of our club's accounting.

- Mario

Club Bookkeeper

Wings is great, I can quickly form a picture of how a plane has been handled, as well as get hints such as oil consumption over time and notices about trivial issues from the pilot reports.

- Kent


I want to spend my time getting better at flying. Not learning a complicated system. Wings makes booking and paying for a flight easy.

- Niels


Managing my students, has never been easier. I keep an overview of my students' progress, and can quickly recall detailed records.

- Claus